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Neurofeedback services at INPS

Neurofeedback encourages the natural self-regulation of the brain by facilitating the production of specific brainwaves and inhibiting others. Click here to learn more about Neurofeedback therapy at INPS


When you receive counseling services from INPS, you can expect confidential, compassionate, and effective care. Clinicians at INPS utilize evidence-based therapeutic modalities to ensure clients receive scientifically supported treatment.


Business executives, Surgeons, and pro-athletes have used Neurofeedback as Peak Performance Traning to improve concentration, decision making skills, and emotional control in order to advance their skills. Just like an athlete trains their muscles to improve performance, Neurofeedback trains your brain to improve emotional resilience, concentration, and emotional control.



A Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) is a specialized neuropsychological assessment which provides maps of the electrical activity in the brain. Brain mapping with the QEEG allows us to see a picture of how a brain is functioning, by gathering information in real time and then comparing it to a database of demographically matched Electroencephalogram (EEG) data.



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